PHP 7.0.6 problem with Owncloud

Before 2 days we were updating PHP to Version 7.0.6. Since we are using Owncloud for our customer to share Files for Templates and Mockups, we ran into a massive problem.

Owncloud did not work anymore with this PHP Version 7.0.6. Nobody were able to login trough the Web-interface and the Clients didn’t find the Webdav share either.¬† Imideatly we did a lot of research, checking logfiles, but there was no error messages, except that the Owncloud client did not find the URL and returned a 404 Error.

The simple solution is to patch one PHP file of your Owncloud installation.

First navigate to :

This is your public Owncloud directory, not the the path were you store your files!


Open the file “request.php”

with nano, vi, or if you are on Windows with Notepad, then navigate to Line 260-270 (depends of your Owncloud Version):

if (in_array($name, $this->allowedKeys, true)) {
return true;

The complete code you can find on Github:

This owncloud workaround to fix issues after you were updating to PHP 7.06 works with Owncloud 8.1x and 9.x. An other solution would be to downgrade your packages to PHP Version 7.0.4. If you are on Arch Linux this should be no problem, but if you are on Ubuntu or Debian I would recommend to fix the “request.php”. It’s the simpler solution and you’ll get all the bug fixes and security updates which are included in PHP Version 7.0.6.

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