PixelCoder changes in 2018

So since 2017 is almost over, I have to acounce exciting news for the upcoming year 2018. A lot of things changed this year already in the background, and we are thrilled that we work at the moment very hard to bring back the popolar Pixopulus Bootstrap Template and offer a WordPress Version as well this time. Its based of course on the new Version 4 of bootstrap packed with features and goodies to make your the WebDesigner’s life a bit easier. Its expected to launch sometimes during spring 2018.

We also work on a design change for 2018 for the domain and some things I cant speak yet about. After long brainstorming nights we decided to stay in Germany with the company.

Lastly the new Design for pixelcoder.eu also includes finally a complete german translation of the website. A long overdue milestone since we are based in Germany anyways. Also, we try our best to publish blog posts at least every week from 2018 onwards.


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